Zlatko Langović, Ph.D.

Тitle, name and surname:
Zlatko Langović, Ph.D.
Role: Associate Professor
Research field: Business Economics
Office number: 5
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Time of consultations: Tuesday: 09-11h



Date and place of birth
31.10.1971. Nikšić
Undergraduate studies
Faculty of Mining And Geology, University of Belgrade, 2001
Graduate studies
Faculty of Business Studies , Megatrend University, 2005
Faculty of Business Studies , Megatrend University, 2007
Professional experience
Eurocom, Belgrade (programmer, network admin), 2003-2004
Primary schools, Belgrade (professor - mathematics and informatics), 2004-2008
Faculty of Business Studies , Belgrade, Megatrend University, 2008- 2017
Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism, University of Kragujevac, 2017-


  • Strategic Management

Research interests

  • Business Information Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Algorithm Theory


  • Pažun, B., Langović, Z., Langović Milićević, A. (2016). “Equilibrium  Real Exchange Rate Assessment Of Serbian  Dinar: MB Approach”, Romanian Journal Of Economic Forecasting, The Institute For Economic Forecasting, vol. 19, Issue 1, ISSN: 1582-6163, pg. 76-87 Thomson Reuters
  • Pažun, B., Langović, Z., Langović Milićević, A. (2016). “Econometric Analysis of Exchange Rate in Serbia and its Influence on Agricultural Sector“, Ekonomika poljoprivrede -Economics of Agriculture, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade, Serbia, Vol. LXIII , No. 1, (1-352) str. 47 -60. [ISSN 0352-3462] UDC 338.43:63
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  • Langović, Z., Pažun, B. and Tomašević, V. (2014).Impact of IS Network Virtualisation (SDN) on Business Improvement, International Conference, SMEs development and Innovation: Building competitive future of South-Eastern Europe, Ohrid, Macedonia, October 3-4, 2014, pg. 463-468, ISBN 978-9989-695-56-8, COBISS.MK-ID 97368586
  • Langović,Z., Pažun, B., Radić Šestić, M. (2011). Importance of High Technologies "Cloud Computing" and Network Infrastructure in Business Systems in Globalization, Vth International Scientific Conference “Innovative Development and Economic Growth” November 3, 2011, Moscow, Russia -Russia pg 438-448, ISBN 978-5-209-04209-9 UDK 658:001.895
  • Langović, Z., Pažun, B., Langović-Milićević, A. (2011). Experience of applying new information technologies on business systems -experience in Serbia, 3rd International Conference" Research People and Actual Tasks on Multidisciplinary Sciences " 8–10 June 2011, Lozenec, Bulgaria, pg 178-182, Printed in Bulgaria, Printing House “ Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse 8, Studentska Street, 7017 Rousse, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-7735

Project involvement

  • Project of Ministry of Science and Technology 2011-2015: Strategic networking options of the Serbian economy in the world economy - impact of electronic commerce on the restructuring of the domestic market, Ministry of Science, Technology and ecology, Faculty of Business Studies, (2006-2010), (project number 179032) – project member

Organization membership

  • Member of Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia