About us



Faculty of Hotel Management and TourisDriven by an idea to create a unique program in hospitality that is supposed to support further tourism development in Serbia, the University of Kragujevac with the assistance of the Republic of Serbia, has established the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja in 2011. Certainly, one of the main objectives of the Faculty is develop new generations of managers prepared to undertake on greatest challenges of the modern hospitality industry. We aim to do so by creating a well balanced combination between classical lecturing and learning through hands-on experience. For that reason the Faculty has committed itself to finding the best partners in the tourism industry, starting from the well-know hotel chains and respected tour operators to organizers of large cultural manifestations and events. The desired goal is to prepare our students as much as possible for endeavors in their future careers, through enabling them to gain invaluable experience while still at school.

The Faculty is located in Vrnjačka Banja – a well renowned Serbian spa – which attracts tourist for over 175 years. Vrnjačka Banja is often referred to as the “queen of the continental tourism” and it is considered to be a birthplace of the Serbian tourism. So far, Vrnjačka Banja has welcomed hundreds of thousands tourists throughout its reach history.